Drew Estate Melamine Cigar Ashtray Acid Purple

Drew Estate Melamine Cigar Ashtray Acid Purple is a good-looking triangle form cigar ashtray. It comes in Purple with the Acid Logo. The Acid logo is a silhouette of Scott Chester with his crazy pigtails, seating by a bike. Purchase a Box of Acid Cigars and get this free or simply shop them online until supplies last. Limited Edition ashtrays This ashtray is not only great looking but it's also functional. It has enough room to fit all your cigars and the deep bowl will make sure your ashes don't go anywhere. Plus, it's easy to clean so you can keep it looking good as new for years to come. If you're an avid smoker, then you know how important it is to have a quality ashtray that will last. That's why we're offering this limited edition ashtray for free when you purchase a box of our delicious Acid cigars. Get yours while supplies last! Order your box of Acid Cigars today and receive this amazing ashtray for free!