Drew Estate Blackened M81

New Cigars: Drew Estate presents Blackened M81

Tobacco plants have been well-known to humans from the beginning of time. They represent a way of gathering and exchanging knowledge from around 8,000 years. The Tobacco Industry is known for collaborations, and the following cigar aficionados present to every new cigar release.

Blackened by Drew Estates is a cigar made for lovers of the Metallica era and cigar fans. The name Blackened M81 represents the era Metallica group was founded. Jonathan Drew is known to be a fan of Metallica. Heavy metal is a music known for creating a subgenre of speed metal back in the 80s. They belong to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and James Hetfield is a guitarist and vocalist now an avid cigar aficionado. The partnership with Jonathan Drew and Blackened distiller Rob Dietrich gave birth to Blackened M81 Cigars.

Handmade Cigars are Music to my ears.

These handmade cigars are a fascinating tobacco blend. They are all-Maduro tobaccos and full-bodied cigars. The cigars were initially presented during the Drew Estate Freestyle Life Show. Blackened Whiskey is a project that took over two years. Initially master blender Maker's Mark. Then Jonathan Drew took in the project, and the premium cigars appeared in the cigar shops just a few weeks back.

The Details 

The cigars come in four sizes: Double Corona, Toro, Robusto, and Corona.

The handmade cigars are wrapped into a Dark and oily Mexican San Andres using a binder of Broadleaf tobaccos from the Connecticut River Valey. Fillers are also Maduro tobaccos grown in Nicaraguan and Pennsylvania Green River One Sucker. Tobacco leaves from the area are known to be in some of the most robust cigars. Hand-rolled by experienced workers, the result is a delicious premium smoke!

Are Blackened Cigars considered Strongest Cigars?

The Drew Estate collaboration seems blended for cigar aficionados that love strong flavor profiles. The All Maduro and the Blackened Whiskey will also add a complete spectrum of flavors and complexity. These handmade cigars are also well-balanced smokes. These are not cigars for beginners, but we leave it up to you to decide.

Call or Text us at 954-364-7660 to order a box of Blackened Cigars. Our friendly staff is here to help! These are not Limited Edition cigars; only Cigar Stores with a Drew Diplomat Retail status will carry them. You are lucky enough to be a friend of Cuenca Cigars, so Shop now.